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New Developments
New patent awarded to FyMed on novel immunomodulatory drug: Significant milestone strengthens intellectual property
FyMed develops novel antineoplastic drug: Comparisons in tumor xenografts indicate substantial benefit
Lead FyMed NSAID candidate FY103B: Studies demonstrate superiority over celecoxib and naproxen
Comparative studies on FyMed NSAID candidates FY101C & FY103B: Results confirm profound clinical efficacy
Examination of FyMed's clinical trial technologies: Precision medicine now peer reviewed as revolutionary
Scientists at FyMed complete devpt of FY10 technology: Results reveal unique NSAID target profiles
FyMed identifies new anti-inflammatory formulation: Studies show huge potential for new NSAID strategies
FyMed Events 2012
FyMed acquires MDT - Molecular Diagnostics & Therapeutics: Discovery studies now in full swing
Improving Clinical Outcomes with
Novel Molecular Therapeutics in Translational Medicine
About FyMed
Physicians and Scientists collaborate on several projects with FyMed. Our quest is to continue identification, characterization and development of novel biomarkers and promising therapeutic targets.

Leading innovations in precision medicine , has enabled FyMed to effectively balance technological innovation with scientific discovery, creating tools that can productively capitalize on key market deficiencies.

FyMed has established relationships with large companies, allowing us to collaborate and conduct clinical studies on a global scale. FyMed uses novel applications in bioinformatics and R&D tools that are closely integrated with the development of clinical studies enabling prolific product characterization and continued growth.

Our molecular-based precision medicine approach allows for targeting modalities with innovative techniques that are focused and comprehensive.

Now, you can be a part of this vital venture! Contact us if you would like to collaborate and utilize our proprietary methodologies in evidence-based medicine for drug discoveries.

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