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Continued Commitment. Advanced Diagnostic and Prognostic Technologies. Sophisticated Bioinformatics. FyMed is dedicated to effectively and efficiently make a difference for our patients.noneContact us. We care.

Highly Sensitive. Patented. Individualized. FyMed has developed next-generation fully-integrated diagnostic and prognostic tests that are rapidly becoming nationally recognized for its high-throughput individualization.
Manned by Robots. Complex Instrumentation. Highly UltraSensitive. Sophisticated Blood, Serum, Saliva, Tears, CSF, Urine Profiling System.
Integrated. Innovative. Revolutionary.
Provides physicians with precision patient-specific diagnostic and prognostic results. Unparalleled reports. Enabling targeted therapeutic strategy.
Integrated Diagnostics
Affiliates with Best of the Best
FyMed is now affiliated with a major US Diagnostic company, entired focused on the needs of physicians in managing difficult conditions.
An integrated team
The promise of FyMed has now drawn a multidisciplinary team of immunologists, physicians, cancer biologists, computer programmers, biomedical engineers, and bioinformaticians. This highly integrated team has proficiently balanced technological innovation and scientific discovery to effectively tailor treatment protocol in an evidence-based manner.
A physician? FyMed can help
Have your patients complained that your treatment works only for a little while? Have you relied on your intuition, only to find that it has failed you again and again? FyMed Diagnostics is the answer. Coming soon. Be the first. Contact us.
Next-Wave Prognostics
Improved clinical outcomes.
FyMed has established proprietary biomarker tests, which with clinical indices will facilitate early diagnoses, proficient treatment design, and therapeutic response assessments throughout disease.
A Scientific Breakthrough in Translational Medicine.
Now available in the United States, and performed in CAP/CLIA certified facilities, on advanced custom-automated platforms. Unparalleled technology. Now a reality.
FyMed. When all else fails.
Have you felt defeated, having been to doctor after doctor, exhausted all your treatment options? Are you still suffering? We know. And we care. Ask us and we'll let you know.

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