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The core of FyMed's strengths lie in its discovery and research where we are translating advanced science into medicines with profound clinical impact.
We have a scientific team of highly experienced PhDs and MDs with long-standing record of excellence and diverse expertise in basic science, translational, and clinical research. Our R&D team is constantly working on cutting-edge technologies and late-breaking science that lays the foundation for the development of innovative therapies at FyMed.
Discovering medicines with superior clinical outcomes. Transformational technologies that provide a competitive advantage.

Timeline of R&D Developments
2014 | FyMed develops novel antineoplastic drug: Comparisons in tumor xenografts indicate substantial benefit
2014 | Lead FyMed NSAID candidate FY103B: Studies demonstrate superiority over celecoxib and naproxen
2013 | Comparative studies on FyMed NSAID candidates FY101C & FY103B: Results confirm profound clinical efficacy
2013 | Examination of FyMed's technologies in precision medicine: Methods peer reviewed as revolutionary
2012 | Scientists at FyMed complete devpt of FY10 technology: Results reveal unique NSAID target profiles
2012 | FyMed identifies new anti-inflammatory formulation: Studies show huge potential for new NSAID strategies
2012 | FyMed establishes international coalition Discovery, diagnostic & therapeutic collaborations in full swing
Stages of R&D Development at FyMed

While fully independent, FyMed's R&D Division is very integrated into its Clinical Research Division allowing for investigations at the molecular level to be translated into pathophysiologically relevant changes. Our technologies enable the identification of unique profiles for a particular disease and reveals the biological pathways it affects. This provides FyMed the additional capability to subclassify patients with different conditions and test these potential new drugs in patients who suffer from specific disease subtypes.
This is an approach that bridges therapeutics and regulatory science, an area of increasing interest and high-priority to the medical community and the FDA.
Focus Areas
Precision Medicine

Drug Target Identification
Disease biology guided pre-clinical design platforms
Pharmacogenomic, metabolomic, transcriptomic, genetic, & proteomic studies
Predictive, pharmaco-dynamic, and prognostic biomarker discovery
Identification of molecular signatures
Developing breakthrough diagnostics
Patient selection / stratification strategies

Targeted delivery

Tissue targeting
Systemic targeted delivery
Small molecule conjugate delivery
Targeting ligands
Non-biological targeting platforms
Translational Research

Interventional and outcomes assessments
Clinical trials and studies
Validation of molecular signatures in clinical platforms
Clinical efficacy and Comparative effectiveness models
Qualitative and Quantitative Analytics

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