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FyMed Expands Its Discovery and Drug Development Plans Through Innovative Strategies in Precision Medicine

Princeton, NJ

FyMed, Inc., a pharmaceutical company focused on innovative drug development through sophisticated biomarker discovery methodologies in precision medicine, today announced strategic and operational expansion plans following the successful completion of major preclinical drug studies utilizing the Company’s proprietary technologies.

“This expansion will enable us to continue to discover and develop novel linked pharmaceutical-biomarker products that will offer the latest advances in precision medicine,” said Ben Johns, Ph.D., Vice President of Product Development at FyMed, Inc.

FyMed has developed a portfolio of products by opportunistically leveraging proprietary advanced methodologies in pharmacogenomics and proteomics and effectively integrating this with the drug discovery process. These approaches offered significant advantages to the Company in the development of novel and improved targeted products for both expansive and specialized pharmaceutical markets.

“Current precision medicine based strategies are limited in market size and value due to inherent differences in patient heterogeneity and pharmacodynamics,” said Ben. “Our technologies enable the identification of large homogenous clusters of biomarker profiles and therapeutic response patterns within patient populations, combinatory approaches that have provided us with major breakthroughs in the development of new ‘blockbuster’ strategies.”

FyMed has utilized these methodologies for several drugs in current development. The Company has successfully completed preclinical studies with three major candidates, demonstrating the potential of significant impact in the pain, inflammation, and the infectious disease market. The Company plans to proceed with clinical trials, and is simultaneously conducting several preclinical studies for various indications.

FyMed’s intended expansions include a strategic infrastructure for the application of integrative clinical, pharmacogenomic, proteomic, and molecular phenotypic data with the decisive implementation of focused drug-centric models of companion diagnostics and prognostic driven modalities. Implementation of these approaches will enable the Company to sustain innovation, and lead to more effective and safer therapies in favor of product approval.

About FyMed

FyMed, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company with a growing portfolio of novel and improved pharmaceuticals developed and enhanced through targeted use of next-generation proteomic and genomic technologies in drug discovery and development. Leading innovations in precision medicine has enabled FyMed to effectively balance technological innovation with scientific discovery, creating tools that can productively capitalize on key market deficiencies.

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